Mini-sidecar pictures?
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Mini-sidecar pictures?
I was asked today if I could find this picture.
"My cousin, Malcolm Sibley, now pushing 80, is a m/cycle nut and way back in 1964 he came to IoM with a tiny sidecar outfit he had made from the remains of a scooter. He rode it arouind the Clips circuit and he knows that many folk took photos of it as it was "different". He recalls that when he came off the ferry the policeman on point duty lifted his leg as if to let him pass beneath, as the outfit was so small!
Unfortunately, my cousin has no photos of that outfit and he has asked me to help him find one before it is too late! Can you help?"
We do not have any within FoTTofinders, does anyone out there have any pics?
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16-07-2009, 06:18 PM
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RE: Mini-sidecar pictures?
Hi Bill,

Got vague recollections of a pic,
With a guy on a scooter sidecar like you describe,
Taken from by Colebourns,
When you could ride up Victoria St both ways,
The copper on point duty stood on a small plinth in the middle of the road, between lower & upper Dukes Rd ?
By where Nat west is now,

This is going to bug me as to where ive seen it, ARGHHHHH
If i can remember where, i will get in touch,
16-07-2009, 07:35 PM

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