suzuki 50 yrs
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suzuki 50 yrs
i rode in the 1960 garage was at the falcon the next garage was the suzuki team.including the designer?of the bikes.their japanese rider would come in to see my nortons and ask to sit on them.i took some film at the time but loaned it never to see it again.the falcon cliff garages were a real commune.geoff monty,uncle dudley ward,alan shepherd,ray petty, seems to have been so before the war as well,M.Z.were just across the road.
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RE: suzuki 50 yrs
1960 was, to me, a very special year with the Japanese being represented yet again by Honda in the 250cc and 125 cc classes, but bringing Suzuki with them. I also used to visit the Fernleigh to see the MZs.

In the garages behind the Falcon Cliff were a variety of privateers including Louis Carr who was from my neck of the woods.

I think Ken Sprayson had established his welding site there as well.

I hope Suzuki comemorate their first visit and then Yamaha will do the same in 2011.

Mind you Yamaha 250s were entered privately in the TT in 1960 by Sonny Angel (USA).

Then it will be Kawasaki., I suppose

In 2015 I celebrate 68 years as a devoted TTFan

Bookingfor 2016 !!
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