Plan to close roads on Sundays for motorsport events
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Plan to close roads on Sundays for motorsport events
Reported on the IOMonline site earlier today.

Plans to close Manx roads for Sunday motorsport events have been unveiled.

Tourism and Leisure Minister Martyn Quayle said the idea was to hold additional two and four-wheel events to attract visitors to the Island for a weekend of racing

Read the complete article via :- IOMonline Link

For those that are interested, the consultation paper is available via
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RE: Plan to close roads on Sundays for motorsport events
by g't'n on Wed Nov 25, 2009 10:24 am

Marshals disappointed not to be consulted
Published online at 24/11/2009 23:05:03

Bill Carden

TT and MGP marshals say they haven't been asked for their views on proposals to close the Island's roads for racing on Sundays.

The Department of Tourism has unveiled proposals to change the 1982 Road Races Act to allow for motorsport events to be scheduled on Sundays across the Island.

The aim is to attract visitors for weekend car and motorbike rallies.

At present, delayed TT and MGP races can be run on Sundays, but those events cannot otherwise be staged that day.

Bill Carden from the Marshals' Association says they weren't pleased to hear about the proposals for the first time in the media:

Listen To Related Audio Clip thru link
being honest i'm surprised the IOMTTMA thought that the DTL wouldve learned after last years fiasco when they arbitrarily annonunced that the evening practises were going to be held over longer period and start earlier!!!

what...the DTL actually talk to the people who run the event...nah will never happen!
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