TT Website Fun Pages - Road Racing Poetry

In this new section of the TT Website, we have brought together some examples of Dubliner, Eddie Byrne's Road Racing Poetry. Eddie was introduced to Road Racing in the early eighties, and has never looked back since.

During that time he has collated a large selection of writing and poetry centering on Road Racing, and here is a sample of some of his work, with more to follow.

The Micro takes the Crown

Twenty One Today
This is the story of Joey Dunlop's twenty first TT win beating off the challenge of the late Gavin Lee in a shortened 125 encounter.

Bob Jackson Snr
Everyone remembers Bob Jackson's last TT before he was cruelly paralyzed. He was so close to beating the works riders, on his unwieldy Kawasaki after only pitting once in the 1998 Senior Race.

The Skerries Jive
The first Road Race Eddie ever attended was the Skerries 100 close to his home in County Dublin. The Skerries 100 is the biggest National Road Race in Ireland and attracts bumper crowds to it's carnival atmosphere each year.

Rain Men
I'm sure you've all been there. Watching the bikes, pi**ed wet through. If you haven't here's what it is like!