Barry Wood's Instant TT Quiz

TT Knowledge Quiz

1) In 1973,three riders won TT races after many years of trying.Tommy Robb and Peter Williams were two of them.Who was the other?
 a) Chas Mortimer
 b) Jack Findlay
 c) Alan Barnett

2) 1962 saw a rare Sidecar victory for a British machine, a BSA.Who campaigned it?
 a) Colin Seeley
 b) Pip Harris
 c) Chris Vincent

3) 1949 saw the best ever TT finish for a Danish TT rider when Sven Sorensen (Excelsior) finished in the top ten of the Lightweight race.Where was he placed?
 a) 4th
 b) 5th
 c) 6th

4) Joey Dunlop finished 2nd in the 1994 Junior Classic MGP on a 344cc Aermacchi.What number was he on that occasion?
 a) 3
 b) 6
 c) 8

5) Popular Scot Jock Taylor made his TT debut in 1978. Who was his passenger on that occasion?
 a) Kenny Arthur
 b) Benga Johansson
 c) Lewis Ward

6) Who was the first lady rider to win the Lesley Anne Trophy at the Manx Grand Prix in 1992?
 a) Sandra Barnett
 b) Maria Costello
 c) Kate Parkinson

7) Former TT competitor Keith Buckley, 6th in 1980 Formula 1,was sponsored by a top pop group. Who?
 a) Police
 b) U2
 c) Dire Straits

8) The 1981 Senior Newcomers MGP was the last time a Royal Enfield finished in the top three in a race on the TT course. Which well-known rider was aboard it?
 a) Bill Swallow
 b) Bob Heath
 c) Steve Linsdell

9) Which of these three well-known aces was the first to compete on the TT course--in 1982?
 a) Steve Hislop
 b) Dave Leach
 c) Carl Fogarty

10) What year did Manxman Dave Molyneux win his first TT?
 a) 1989
 b) 1991
 c) 1993

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