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 Amulree Publication's Books and Video's

only: £5.99
Honda - The TT Winning Years
A 200+ page book put together by Bill Snelling and Peter Kneale with the foreword written by Joey Dunlop; all records from 1959 through to 1997 with every rider who ever rode for Honda at the TT, the years raced, the races entered and the finishing positions. This book is a must for every TT nut. A substantial royalty from the sale of this book will be donated to a local good cause.

only: £12.99
The History of The Manx Grand Prix,
1923 - 1998.

Bill Snelling and Peter Kneale have donated many copies of this fantastic book. This book is an absolute must for anyone with any interest in motorcycle roadracing, never mind the Manx itself. Its 200 pages are crammed full of statistics and photographs that will have you enthralled for an age while you pore over the information that Bill and Peter have put together. A substantial royalty from the sale of this book will be donated to the Russ Henly Fund for Manx Replicas

only: £7.49
Aurora to Ariel
Here is a book of some 105 pages written by Bill Snelling, charting the motorcycling exploits of Manxman J Graham Oates. It reveals many fascinating and little-known details of the saga of the motor-cycle on The Isle of Man. Read how this one man produced motor-cycles on The Isle of Man and how he became a Trans-Canada pioneer. Truly a great story.

only: £12.99
TT Heroes
Yet another great read by Mike Savage with the foreward written by Peter Kneale. Mike worked for many years as Assistant Scoreboard Controller at the TT and the Manx Grand Prix. Here is his selection of TT Greats for you to enjoy.


only: £16.49
Chasing Shadows
'Chasing Shadows' is the story of two visionary motorcycle engineers: Philip Vincent and Phil Irving and the quintessential British motorcycle they built and perfected during the golden era of the British motorcycle industry.

only: £19.49
Tribute to Bob McIntyre
The opening shots of Bob McIntyre giving us an 'on-bike' view of Oulton Park are a foretaste of exciting things to come. 'The Right Line' points the way for young riders to reach Grand prix racing and begins with a brief first look at the 1960 German GP at Solitude.
This film includes some of the finest 'on-board' footage to this day.

only: £19.49
1955 Ulster Grand Prix
The very demanding 7½-mile Dundrod circuit played host to the 1955 Ulster Grand Prix. The whole of the fascinating duel is shown in the classic period film.

Motorcycle Sport 1956
This film looks at three very different events from the 1956 motorcycle season. The 500cc Motocross Grand Prix at Hawkstone Park is given full covering in this intriguing look back at motorcycle sport in the mid-fifties.

only: £19.49
One Man's Dream - the John Britten Story
For you who are about to watch the following video-John Britten was a gifted person. Not only as a skilled engineer but as a designer with an understanding of both art and form. He also had the gift of being able to blend together these skills and produce an object of admiration. This video is our challenge and our motivation to look into new and exciting pathways than can make the engineering and the design world, a better place. It's not just a motorcycle story; it is the story of all the human emotions we are born with, and the struggle to be better. I know you will enjoy it. For myself, I was lucky to be involved in a small way. John Britten is now dead, taken at an age when the stream of talent was flowing at its highest. But for those of us who remain, the memories of these years will never grow dim. Knowing and working with John Britten, certainly has made my own life richer. I hope that after you have seen this video, yours is also. John Shand

All prices are inclusive of Postage and Packing.

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 Book Title Price
Honda, the Winning Years £5.99
History of the Manx Grand Prix 1923-98 £12.99
Aurora to Ariel £7.49
TT Heroes £12.99

 Video Title Price
Chasing Shadows £16.49
Tribute to Bob McIntyre £19.49
1955 UGP/1956 Motorcycle Sport £19.49
One Man's Dream, The John Britten Story £16.49

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