Vantage Points To Watch From and How To Get There When The Roads Are Closed.

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Vantage Points Outside The Course and Number of Miles From The Start

Quarter Bridge Sharp Rght-Handed Bend. 1.25 miles. Through Douglas past the Bus Station, along Lord Street and Peel Road, past the garage showroom and the Fire Station.
Braddan Bridge Fast S bends 1.75 miles. Head to the Quarter Bridge, turn left off Peel Road at the Power Station, first right up to the Castletown Road, turn right, then first left, continue down Saddle Road.
Union Mills Fast Bends. 2.5 miles. As for Braddan, turn left when coming to the Castletown Road, travel up the hill to the roundabout, turn right. Go straight across the next roundabout, take the second turning on the right, this is a narrow road down to Union Mills. Take it slowly.
Glen Vine Fast Straight. Nearly 4 miles. As for Union Mills, to the cross roads on Castletown Road, turn right, carry on to Braaid Chapel, turn right down the hill and right at the bottom.
Crosby Fast Straight. 4.75 miles Head for Glen Vine, past Braaid Chapel, take the second right at the cross roads, this is a very steep hill down to Crosby.
Ballacraine Sharp Right-Hand Turn. 7.5 miles. Head to the Quarter Bridge, turn left off Peel Road at the Power Station, first right up to the Castletown Road, turn left and continue on Castletown Road to Ballasalla, turn right at Whitestone Pub, then first left at roundabout, continue over bridge to crossroads, turn right onto Ballamoda straight follow road for approx 7 miles to Ballacraine,
Ballig Bridge Fast Short Straight. 8 miles. Travel as if going to Ballacraine, after leaving Foxdale, and at next crossroads, turn left towards St Johns Village, straight across the main road, behind Tynwald Hill, take this road slowly, over river, up the hill, turn right for Ballig Bridge.
Laurel Bank Fast Right-Hand Turn. 8.75 miles. Travel as if going to Ballig Bridge, but turn left, turn right at the top of the hill, this is a narrow road, take it slowly. Turn sharp right after approximately half a mile, leave your vehicle here, walk down the hill to the course. Keep the lane clear for the Emergency Services.
Cronk-y-Voddy Very Fast Straight with Slight Switchback. 10.75 miles. Asd for ballig Bridge, turn left, take first right to the Switchback Road; you can then either turn right as for Laurel bank, at the cross roads turn right for the course, or go to the end of the Switchback Road, turn right on the coast road to Kirk Michael Village. Take first right on the hill to the course.
Barregarrow Fast Bends. 12.5 miles. Head for Cronk-Y-Voddy, but stay on the coast road towards Kirk Michael, turn right after sudden drop down to Glem Mooar.
Kirk Michael Fast Right-Hand Turn Near 14th Milestone. As for Barregarrow, but stay on the coast road to Kirk Michael.
Ballaugh Bridge Fast Jump and Turn. 17 miles. Head for Sulby cross roads, go straight over Sandygate cross roads, travel for 2.5 miles, straight over cross roads again, then left around old Ballaugh Church, bear right, travel for 1.5 miles, past Ballaugh New Church to the Course.
Sulby Cross Roads Fast Straight. 19 miles. As for Sulby Bridge, but go straight over St Judes cross roads, left at Sandygate cross roads, travel for 2 miles to the course.
Sulby Bridge Fast Right-Hand Turn. 19.75 miles. Turn left, into the road opposite the road for Ramsey Cottage Hospital as for Milltown and Glentramman, take fourth left at St Judes cross roads, after you have passed St Judes Church.
Glentramman Fast Bends. 22 miles. Through Ramsey, across stone bridge at the top of the Harbour, straight on, then left into the road ooposite Ramsey Cottage Hospital, then second left, across the river by the ford.
Ramsey Approximately 23.5 miles. Parliament Square (slow right and left turns), Cruickshank's Corner (fast right-hand), May Hill (fast right corner).
Hairpin Slow Left-Hand Turn. 24.25 miles. Head for Water works, but proceed along narrow road as far as possible, then by foot to the course.
Waterworks Fast Climbing Right-Hand Turn. 24.5 miles Travel on the main Douglas to Ramsey coast road, down the hill into Ramsey, take left narrow road at the Electric Railway Crossing. Leave your vehicle on the side of the road, walk up through the woods to the course.
Gooseneck Sharp Climbing Right-Hand Turn. 25.25 miles. Travel on the coast road from Douglas to Ramsey, 1.5 miles after passing the Glen Mona Hotel, take the left-hand road, opposite right-hand or Maughold. This road is very narrow, so is really only suitable for bikes, anything bigger wil block the road for the Emergency Services.
Bungalow 31 miles. Go to Laxey Railway Station, take the Electric Tram to the course.
Windy Corner Fast Right-Hand Corner. 32.5 miles. Motor Cycles Only. Head for Creg-Ny-Baa, but take the road to the right at the "T" junction. Then left. This is a narrow twisty road, go slowly. Travel three-quarters of a mile, after a sharp rise with a sharp left-hand hairpin, continue up the track, past Glen Roy Farm (please shut the gate) to the course.
Creg-Ny-Baa Right-Hand Corner. 34 miles. Travel through Onchan on the main road down to the White Bridge up to the top of the hill, turn left, travel for 2.5 miles, then turn left at the "T" junction for the course.
Hillberry Corner Very Fast Right-Hand Corner. 36 miles. As for Sign Post Corner, but straight on through the traffic lights at the Manx Arms, take the third left, just after the Commissioners Office, travel up School Road, past Dowty's Factory, stay on this road to the course.
Signpost Corner Right-Hand Turn. 36.5 miles. Along Douglas Promenade then up Summer Hill, to the roundabout in Onchan, turn right along the main road to the traffic lights at the Manx Arms, turn left here, up the hill to the course.
Governor's Bridge Very Slow S-Bends. 37.25 miles Up Summer Hill, turn left at the top, travel up Blackberry Lane, turn left.

Vantage Points Inside The Course Accessible With One Another

Braddan Bridge Fast S-Bends 1.75 miles. From top of Bray Hill travel along Ballanard Road to the Cross Roads, turn left down the hill, bear slightly right over Stone Bridge, up the hill to the "T" junction. Turn left down the hill to the course.
Union Mills Fast Bends. 2.5 miles. Head for Braddan Bridge, but turn right at the "T" junction. Travel up the hill to the Cross Roads, turn left to the course.
Glen Vine Fast Bends. Nearly 4 miles. As for Union Mills, but go straight over the Cross Roads, take the road left at the next "T" junction, then first left to the course.
Crosby Village fast Straight. 4.75 miles. Head for Glen Vine, stay on the main road, down the hill to Crosby Village.
Cronk-Y-Voddy Very Fast Straight. 10.75 miles. Head for Union Mills, go straight over the Cross Roads, then turn right by Baldwin Valley, up the hill, then down to Brandywell Cottage. After the S-Bends turn sharp left. This is a very narrow road down to the course.
Barregarrow Cross Roads Fast Bends. 12.5 miles. As for Cronk-Y-Voddy, but after the S-Bends stay on the main road.
Ballaugh Bridge Fast Jump, Turn. 17 miles. As for Brandywell Road, turn right at Brandywell Cottage immediately after crossing the cattle grid. Turn left, this is a narrow road with gates, take it slowly. Go down as far as Ballaugh Glen, at the "T" junction turn right to the course.
Ginger Hall 20 miles From the Bungalow, turn right in Sulby Glen, travel over the Claddaghs to the Ginger Hall.
Brandywell Road Left Hand Turn. Head for Cronk-Y-Voddy, at Brandywell Cottage turn right, travel for 3.5 miles to the course.
Bungalow 31 miles. From the Ginger Hall, take the left-hand road at the "T" junction in Sulby Glen, travel up through the Glen to the Bungalow.