IOMMGP.COM - Have You Seen It Yet ?

IOMMGP.COM - Have You Seen It Yet ?
Just having a run through of postings on the "other site" and have noticed the following statement

"It is intended that '' will become the MGP equivalent of this site. Development will begin in the next week or so and will be operational in good time for the build-up.

Naturally, we will ensure that is kept fully up-to-date as well.

Posted: 25/04/2001 12:08:31"

Some 2 months on and yet nothing has been done to promote the Manx on this so called new "official site".

Have any of you out there been able to find this so called "official site" because I cannot.

At least on here we are seeing some kind of action from the voluntary brigade, not like the money grabbing shower who operate the supposed "official site".

Yet again it looks like "buddies" operating together for personal financial gain at the expense of the punter.

Who is responsible for awarding offial status to the organisation that everyone knows the name of - Jook something or other ?,

How was this decided and what are they actually going to do that is of benefit to the MGP itself ?

Is it right for an organisation who are renowned for their money grabbing attitude to be given the title of "official site" or should it be given to those that really do have an honest interest in the sport ?

For me, the guys that run this site are number one, and the people who supposedly run and organise all of the racing on The Island, should be looking at giving the "official" status for the MGP to these guys.

I myself am sick of the attitude and behaviour of those in control, and propose that everyone out there should e-mail the people concerned and let them know just what they all think about how the MGP is promoted. - Give it to the people on here, they deserve it and for sure they will do a dammed site better job of covering it than the supposed "official site".

One truly pi**ed off fan !

16-06-2001, 12:02 AM

Re: IOMMGP.COM - Have You Seen It Yet ?
One thing we've seen in the last few months - money talks. For the sake of us all here I hope our friends on the Island themselves have the 'right friends'.
16-06-2001, 09:44 AM

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