What would make YOU do it?
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RE: What would make YOU do it?
Well I posted this at 845am today, which means only 1 wk, 6 days, 21 hours and 45 minutes til I arrive in the MGP paddock, although as there seems to be a big marshal shortage, I'm beginning to wonder why? Seems odd that there will be around 8-10,000 spectators turn up yet less than 500 prepared to marshal? I'd have thought with all the restricted areas around the course these days, being a marshal would have been the best spectating option? smilie

Also I strongly believe that a way to encourage marshals over would be to refund , IN FULL , the ferry cost. A card could be issued to each marshal, it then has to be stamped at a marshaling point, before and after each practice session and race, to ensure people have stayed and helped and not just gone off trying to get free travel fare. A refund of car or bike + minimum 2 Marshals to qualify. Remember whilst this will cost money it could be joint paid for by the IOMDTL and IOMSPC and MMCC and RIDERS. Afterall the first 3 all MAKE MONEY from the running of the MGP, and the RIDERS get the PRiVELIDGE of racing on the TT COURSE!! Current formula if left as it is will equal this:
NO MARSHALS = NO RACING= NO MGP= NO PROFIT for any of the afore mentioned, plus local businesses that rely heavily on an already depleted tourism industry on a little island in the irish sea with very little to offer holiday makers. smilie
Meanwhile back on planet earth..........
02-08-2008, 08:55 AM
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