TT Mountain Course License
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TT Mountain Course License
Having just received the latest information on the TT Mountain Course Licence (Note - English not American English), from Paul Phillips, which may not be released to the general public and those who may be interested in participating in any event over the mountain course in the near future, please read on:-

Dear all

I have recently mentioned to you that the TT Mountain Course License has been under review by the ACU Road Race Drag and Sprint Committee. A decision has now been taken regarding the way ahead by the Committee.

The number of ‘signatures’ (i.e. race finishes) required to qualify for a TT Mountain Course License will remain at 6. However there are two significant changes to the way these signatures can be attained going forward –

1. Two of the six signatures required must have been attained in the same calendar year as the TT, Classic TT or Manx GP a rider is participating in.

2. Signatures will now be accepted for each race day of a multiple day race meeting, up to a maximum of two.

Signatures are still available for the Isle of Man TT Races, Classic TT Races and Manx Grand Prix Races (1 each for practice and race) up to a maximum of 3 in total in any one year.

The qualification period for each event runs at 13 months expiring on the 9th of May for the Isle of Man TT Races and 30th of June for the Classic TT Races and the Manx Grand Prix Races.

For further clarification, please direct your correspondence to the ACU directly. Their contact details can be found at the following link -

Best wishes


14-11-2012, 05:34 AM
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RE: TT Mountain Course License
This is a sensible amendment to the current requirements, but puts added pressure on those who only race on the island.

14-11-2012, 09:05 AM
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RE: TT Mountain Course License
It also makes it more difficult for some racers in SOME other countries... but should make it easier for others... it just depends on what country...
14-11-2012, 05:40 PM
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