MGP Newcomers - Information for 2020
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MGP Newcomers - Information for 2020
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Entering the Manx Grand Prix for the first time can be a rather daunting experience and this information endeavours to help answer any questions you may have.  Please remember no question is too trivial and the Club and our officials are here to help.

1. What Licence do I require to enter the MGP?

The Manx Grand Prix a National meeting and permitted with the Auto Cycle Union UK.   All competitors must have held as a minimum a National Licence issued by their federation on the 1st June in the year preceding the year they wish to enter the MGP ie to enter in 2020 the competitor must have held his National licence on 1st June 2019.

Non ACU/SACU licence holders will also require start permission issued by their Federation

2. What is the Mountain Course Licence?

In addition, to enter the Manx Grand Prix/ Classic TT competitors must hold a “TT Mountain Course Licence” issued by the ACU at a cost of £25.00 (in addition to any normal licence fees). An application form for such a licence will be available for downloading with the MGP Supplementary Regulations from the MGP website in February.  

Please note this licence issued by the ACU is a requirement for all competitors who wish to take part in the event but does not guarantee an entry.

3. How do I qualify for the Mountain Course Licence?

i) All applicants must have acquired 6 signatures from meetings in the 13 months from 1st June in the year prior to the MGP to 30th June in the current year of the MGP you are entering.  Signatures are given for competing satisfactorily. Competing satisfactorily means taking part in the meeting and as a very minimum being classed as a finisher in at least one race during the meeting.  

ii) 2 of the required 6 road race results should be from race days within the same year of the Manx Grand Prix and Classic TT Races for which the rider is applying, ie 2 results from 2019 if entering the races in 2019.

iii)  One signature from each racing day of a short circuit race meeting, up to a maximum of two. One result will be permitted from each racing day of a Closed Public Road circuit meeting to a maximum of 2. The description of a road race is detailed below:

Road Races  
A Road Race must take place on a metalled and sealed surface (tarmac surface) making a continuous predetermined course which has the general characteristics of an ordinary highway.  The race will consist of several consecutive laps of the above course and will be between several competitors. The course can be purpose built or can be public roads closed to permit racing to take place.  The winner being the competitor with the fastest overall time for the race. Events such as Sprints and Hillclimbs where competitors race against the clock between two or more points are not classed as Road Races

iv) Newcomers have to complete 4 instruction laps with 2 ACU Qualified Coaches, preferably during the Newcomers weekends, but definitely before 30 June.

v)  Closing date for the receipt of completed Licence application forms at ACU House: Mid July.

4. As an overseas competitor what insurance cover do I require?

Competitors holding licence by a Federation (FMN) other than the ACU or SACU must submit a Starting Permission countersigned and stamped by the FMN which issued their licence.

Competitors must have insurance cover for Medical Treatment and Repatriation costs as follows:

25,000 Euros – Death 50,000 Euros - Temporary Partial Disablement
185,000 Euros - Medical Treatment 75,000 Euros – Repatriation costs

Competitors, resident outside the United Kingdom should ensure they have sufficient private medical insurance to assist them on their return to their place of domicile for any on-going medical expenses incurred from injuries sustained whilst competing in the MGP/Classic TT Races.

5. How do I register my interest in competing in the MGP?

Email   On receipt of your email you will receive, by email, a questionnaire asking for personal details and information relating to your racing experience

6. What is the Mike Hailwood Newcomers Weekend?

After completing the questionnaire you will be informed if you have been accepted to take part in the Newcomers’ weekend (generally held in March annually). Priority will be given to competitors aged 18 – 45 years.  Acceptance onto the weekend does not guarantee an accepted entry into the Manx Grand Prix/Classic TT.  Please note invited potential Overseas Newcomers who are unable to attend a weekend can complete laps with qualified ACU coaches at a mutually convenient time

7. What is the format of the Newcomers Weekend?

Potential Newcomers arrive on the Island during the day on Friday or Friday evening.   Saturday is spent completing laps of the Course with qualified ACU Coaches a demonstration on how to set up your bike and meeting Club Officials.  Sunday morning /early afternoon more laps of the Course before leaving for the airport/ferry terminal.  It is not necessary to bring a vehicle as the Club will collect/deliver you from the airport or ferry terminal and provide cars for laps of the Course

8. How do I submit my entry?

The online entry system via will open at the end of February

9. Do you require any additional information?

When considering your application the Entries Committee need evidence of your racing history so please keep a copy of all your race results, as provided by the organising Club, as you progress through the season – it is easier to collect the results before you leave the circuit rather than trying to remember where you raced 6 months previously.

10. Can I enter more than 1 race?

Yes. Competitors with a 600cc machine can enter Newcomers A, Junior or Senior races.  If you have a 750cc machine you can enter Newcomers A and Senior races.  Competitors with a 650cc 250cc400cc machine can enter Newcomers B & Lightweight races. Competitors with a 125cc, Moto3 or SS300 machine can enter Newcomers C & Ultra Lightweight races.
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