JDIRF Lap of TT Course in a Sidecar!!

JDIRF Lap of TT Course in a Sidecar!!
If you fancy a trip around the TT Course as a passenger in a Sidecar next Sunday afternoon, former Manx Grand Prix ace Ian Kirk has offered to take people round for a lap in his modified outfit. Ian was confined to a wheelchair in 1995 after crashing at Bedstead while battling for the lead in the Junior with Tony Duncan, lapping from a standing start at over 112mph on his 250 Yamaha.

If anyone out there would be interested in having a lap round with Ian, he would welcome donations to the Joey Dunlop Injured Riders Fund. So whoever offers the most money, the top 4 bids will be the lucky ones! Please email any bids ASAP to <A HREF="mailto:barbarawood@manx.net">barbarawood@manx.net</A>

Thank You
18-08-2002, 03:14 PM

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