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Aurora to Ariel

Author: Amulree Publications
Posted on: Wednesday, May 05 2010

Aurora to Ariel - The Motorcycling Life of J. Graham Oates, a Manx motorcycling pioneer

Amulree Publications and Bill Snelling have released an expanded and revised version of Bill’s book 'Aurora to Ariel, the motorcycling life of J. Graham Oates, a Manx motorcycling pioneer'.

“Since it was first published, I have been fortunate to have found many more photographs and have added further text. An additional foreword to the revised book is written by Graham Oates jnr; at the time of writing the first edition he was unaware of his father’s full history. I also reveal how the book came into being, and how this important piece of Manx motorcycling history was nearly lost forever!”

In an action-packed career that spanned over two decades, Manxman J. Graham Oates carved a unique niche for himself in the world of motorcycling.

Amongst his many and varied exploits were:

WWI despatch rider - 1914-1916
Manx Motorcycle manufacturer - The Aurora - 1919
ACU Six Days trial competitor - 1920-1922
TT rider - 1924 Ultra Lightweight TT
Trans-Canada pioneer - First coast-to-coast trip in Canada - 1928
Inaugural World outboard motorboat record holder - 1930
First person to reach the Hudson Bay on a tyred vehicle - 1932
Multiple International Six Days Trial medallist - 1933 - 1939
One of the founders of despatch rider training in WWII - 1939
Forewords by Raymond Baxter and Graham Oates jnr

This 120-page, large format book with many black and white and colour photographs is now available from all bookshops, priced £14.99. ISBN is 978-1-901508-13-0

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