Fire proof spec support crew standard change ?
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Fire proof spec support crew standard change ?
To all riders attending the Manx and the classic TT its time get your pit crew suits sorted its no good leaving it till you get there these things are not readily available and if you want any sort of team colours in your suits you need to be doing something now.
For those new to fire proof suits myself included I found this to be a bit of a minefield in 2015 and some of the costings I found were quite expensive, I appealed on here for anybody that knew contacts that could help but the response has been very disappointing.

For those that do not go on there the same topic was raised on the Manx facebook page and a phone number for NFR (Neil Fitton Racing ) from Manchester. phone number 07751 541029 was put on there.
I phoned and spoke to Neil and his wife Kay they seemed very helpful and an all in package price of £400 for all the suits gloves and balaclavas seems very fair which I ordered one was to large but because they attended the Manx and a quick phone call before I left it was easily put right.

Give them a call and form your own opinion if you are struggling like I did to find the right stuff. 
Be careful support crew suits do need elasticated wrist and zippers , and poppers and loose ends will do these suits do not conform to the spec required.

The regulations from 2015 were but please note the support crew spec has changed again for 2016 ,I spoke to Neil and he was happy this was the same level but I feel you need confirmation from an official source that last year support suits are still acceptable to use when presented at scrutineering. !!!!!!!

Team Managers and Attendants must wear the following Personal Protective Equipment (PPE):

The attendant responsible for refuelling must wear a suit that meets the higher standard of SFI 3.2A/5 / FIA 8856-2000. The overalls must have collars, ankle and wrist cuffs and be zip up not pop stud. The attendant responsible for refuelling must wear a double layered fireproof balaclava and fireproof gloves while refuelling.

Other members of the Pit Crew must wear a suit that meets the standard of EN 531/533 / NFPA 2112. ( spec for 2016 EN11612 or SFI/3.2A/1.) They must also wear a fireproof balaclava.

Balaclava. The Balaclava must be a double layer FIA approved Balaclava

Gloves. Must be FIA approved to standard SFI 3.2A/5 / FIA 8856-2000

Suitable footwear must be worn at all times in the pit lane. Footwear worn by Team Managers and Attendants must not have any studs, steel tips etc. All Team Managers and Attendants must remain in the pit allotted to them, except when their competitor is at the pit, when Attendants may assist or carry out replacements and repairs, only using the spares previously deposited in the pit. Wheels fitted with tyres may be brought into the pit during a race. The PPE outlined above must be worn fully by the Team Manager/Pit Attendants whilst their rider is stationary in the allotted pit area.

Good luck with this.
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RE: Fire proof spec support crew standard change ?
I'm not entirely sure what you are saying in this post. I don't see an obvious change in the regs for this year. You mention "support crew" overalls needing elasticated wrists and zips.

I don't recall the regs aver stating cuffs needed elasticated wrists. They did and still do say that the person responsible for refuelling should have zipper cuffs and not pop studs. For other members of the crew the suit must meet an overall standard, but there is no stipulation over pop studs or zips etc.

Am I missing something? Are you getting this info from somewhere other than the 2016 regs?
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