Charity profile: Group that has aided injured TT riders for more than 70 years
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Charity profile: Group that has aided injured TT riders for more than 70 years
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Charity profile: Group that has aided injured TT riders for more than 70 years

Its all began when during the 1949 races, a rider crashed and died.

Having no financial means to return his body home, he was buried in a pauper’s grave, with just a pair of handlebars as a headstone.

TT start-line flagman Rueben Harveyson was so incensed at such an injustice that he called a riders’ meeting in Belfast later in the year, and as a result the TT Riders Association was formed in 1951.

As it says on their website: ’Proclaimed as the world’s most exclusive club, with membership restricted to TT racers, the true purpose of the TT Riders’ Association is a mystery to most enthusiasts.’

We spoke to their secretary, Frances Thorp, to unravel the mystery and find out more about their work.

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Why did you form?

To support injured riders through their accidents and also where [there are] families are affected with children.

Our charity remains in contact with members into their older years, when sometimes financial help makes life a little more comfortable for them.

All our work is carried out by volunteers, and I run the charity from my home in Glen Maye so there are no overhead expenses.

What has been your biggest achievement since forming?

Our proudest moments are many when we hear that our help has made a big difference to their lives.

We have assisted to name a few: the Hyperbaric Chamber, Noble’s Hospital, Phil Hogg Ambulance and other similar areas where needed.

What is your biggest goal?

My hope for the future is that this worthy charity is carried on for another 70 years and we will be able to assist our members.

How can people get involved?

The membership is for TT riders, but we also have a sister charity called the Friends of the TTRA, again Manx registered.

This was started for the many who are keen supporters, but because the TTRA is restricted and can only be joined if someone has officially started a TT race in the Isle of Man.

We found that the ’Friends’ was enjoyed and it brought them into the TTRA to enjoy and be a part of our charity, this of course helps with extra donations.

Where can PEOPLE FIND YOU AND donate?

We have a small unit at the rear of the Grandstand - a red building called the 38th Milestone which is open every race week (TT and Manx Grand Prix) for visiting members.

It means they have a base to come to, where refreshments are free and we have a donation box.

Our membership is like a who’s who of motorcyclists from 1951.

Our income is from donations small or large.

We also have an Annual Luncheon which is our main fundraising day and is held at the National Motorcycle Museum, in Birmingham.

We have a website, (again run by a member with no charges), a Facebook page (TT Riders Association) and paypal account.

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