NW200 Top Team and riders withdrawn
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RE: NW200 Top Team and riders withdrawn
(12-05-2023, 04:27 PM)ian333 Wrote: Not sure what answer you are looking for here. What always seems to be lost when situations like these arise is this - we are all in this together. We all want road racing to succeed and thrive. 99% of the people involved are doing because they love it and want to to continue. Be it riders, marshals, scrutineers, officials, fans, mechanics etc. I am not into conspiracy theories. Don’t think anyone got up yesterday morning and said right, let’s see how I can screw this event/team/rider.

Well said - scrutineers are usually one of the legion of volunteers doing thankless tasks to get a race meeting underway - mainly for the love of the sport.

I've never been asked anything about the bikes performance - they only look at making sure the cycle parts are in good enough order that it's safe to ride. 

My recollection of any sort of performance related appeal was that it had to be raised by a fellow competitor.
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