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RE: very Very quite.
Is it the technology that is is suddenly come to the fore and making it too easy to follow the TT.

I can sit at home and follow most races on a laptop including F1 cars, MotoGp, the NW200 and of course the TT.

It is being reduced to a "vitual game" situation where it is all on a PC screen and people I have chatted to over this subject say that they will be saving the petrol and hotel costs by staying home this year and following all the racing on PC. We can even see it on webcams !

I make a point of sitting in the Crosby Hotel pub for at least one race now, watching the bikes going past, eating from a good old barbecue, and I can follow every rider during the race on my laptop.

Lee states "Surely the TT is on the upward direction as far as its popularity? Why would fans be "disenchanted?"
The T.V coverage is outstanding. Even in Aus. we are getting full coverage in HD.
That super slo mo hi motion camera thingy is fantastic! Even to non bikers.
Youtube is showing the world a fans eye view from the hedges.
There's even a TT movie in bloody 3D!"

But Lee you are NOT THERE !!! You are able to see more in Aus than what some of us fans can see AT the TT!

There's nowt like being at the TT with all the other associated events, the people and the racing itself. But there is a danger that the TT will suffer from diminishing crowds who can no longer spend money to get and stay there..

Classified as the "free TT" ("you don't have to pay to watch it") it is now a major outlay to get there (£300 + return for person and car) and petrol is always dearer over there and accomodation is pricey this year.

Personally I love it all -- but I can see why people would rather have a weekend at a mainland race such as Oulton or Croft.

We can buy the DVD, see the 3DTT and hear it live on internet radio.

Do not price the TT out of the market or replace it with too much technology!!!

In 2015 I celebrate 68 years as a devoted TTFan

Bookingfor 2016 !!
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