very Very quite.
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RE: very Very quite.
Thanks guys for the reply's.

My comments were more targeted at Pat's original post.
I was agreeing that it was very very quiet here.
Since the re-vamped TV coverage and media technology I feel amongst bike fans the TT has been coming more popular. I'm just surprised that this new technology has not injected some enthusiasm on here.

I was interested in Larryd's comments as I wasn't sure how fans were becoming disenchanted with this forum.

I sense with some of the comments above and those that I have read on here recently, there are many political and personal reasons that some are not happy with the organisation of the event. I wouldn't mind a few changes either but I'm just happy that this great event still exists! Its a one off!

Ian, I WAS THERE last year and I WILL BE THERE again next month! lol Remember! I'm gonna take you up on that lap you offered me lol! I did take a break from 2003 due to me moving down here tough. The only thing I noticed different was maybe that the crowds were behaving themselves a bit more? And of course the loss of the 2 strokes Sad

There are so many people that I know around the world that would love to increase the numbers at this years TT. Unfortunately most have only 2 weeks holidays a yearSad The more positive media out there the more likely people will come.

There's plenty of time to discuss the future of the TT and where it should or should not go after June?
Maybe lets just have a bit of fun until then?

06-05-2011, 10:42 AM
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