Skype at the TT
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Skype at the TT
I have just added the new SKYPE system toboth of mylaptops so I can try using it while I am at the TT....

Has anyone had experience with Skype on the Isle of Man and will it be easy to contact family and friends in the UK ??

I am also experimenting with the "webcam" addition but it is a bit slow on a laptop and "flutters".

Any advice please.......?

Please try contacting me on SKYPE if you have a minute.....

In 2015 I celebrate 68 years as a devoted TTFan

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15-05-2011, 02:50 PM
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RE: Skype at the TT
Sorry Ian but I have no experience with Skype on the Island. But as long as you have internet access it will work.

Good Idea! How good is the wireless internet service on the Isle? Where are all the good spots? Is there a good wireless service that I can buy to use for lap times and pop on here for some gossip?

I use Skype as a house phone and for business. I also have used the video conferencing to speak to my family and friends for the last few years. For free! I have been able to watch my niece grow up and she has been able to have fun playing with her Uncle and Auntie using this fantastic program. I send my mates txt messages for (8p Aus to Ireland) for me to call their MOBILE phones it costs me about 20p a minute. Land lines 4/6p per min.

Last year my brother had his laptop at the NW200 and we were able to talk in the pits. He propped the webcam at the start/finish line so I could see a few bikes whizz by live. This year I have insisted he does the same.

Is there a good wireless service that I can by so to use for lap times etc?

Ian if you wish, go on Skype and click on "add a contact" then enter my "skype name" which is banbarip. Skype will find me (lee&char) add me as a contact. Give me a call and I maybe can show you a few of it's benefits. Remember Melbourne's 9 hours ahead.

In fact this invitation is open to all at TTwebsite. It may be a good way to keep in contact With live video from all around the track!

Just Noticed Ian you had asked for someone to try and call you on skype.
I searched for your name and found an Ian Huntly with a description attached. It read "Retired Playboy and entrepreneur."
Is that you?
I didn't know you were retired.....
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