Challenges Facing The TT
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RE: Challenges Facing The TT
I'd love to come back and join in, last time was 2006, but can't afford it these days.

Long live real road racing!!
08-06-2015, 08:20 PM
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RE: Challenges Facing The TT
Not to say these aren't real problems but it's no different to how I ever remember it being. And I feel the roads used to be more dangerous. Whist the stupidity of these punters going onto the circuit is unquestionable it's not entirely new. One numpty threw a beer can onto the road at the Creg a few years back. An MHK (or some government official) also drove a van out his gate onto the road too. Personally I'd push for a jail stay until the boat / plane home in these circumstances. That might put manners on them.

The bad driving is large is largely committed by people who won't respond to any kind of deterrent. I think the police are doing a very good job this year for what it's worth.
08-06-2015, 08:38 PM
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RE: Challenges Facing The TT
I ll prob get slaughtered on here for this but here goes -

No excuse for donkeys bottoms fighting, spilling bottles of beer etc onto the course but I'm not sure everyone realises, especially the new breed of TT fan that when the road is closed for racing on the island you can't go on it at all.

At Irish road races even tho the roads are closed for racing you can still move between vantage points between races.
At the TT, once the roads are closed your not allowed on them at all. It's a bit overkill to be fair. If your sat on a hedge somewhere during a delay and you want to stretch your legs you should be allowed.
08-06-2015, 09:49 PM
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RE: Challenges Facing The TT
I see your point Ricky and it would work with responsible people with common sense but these days there are too many led by the nose people out there who can't think/look after themselves and walk around thinking that every hazard/pitfall will have been removed or taken care of by somebody else - how many times do you see a grown up press the button at at a pelican/zebra crossing because that's what they've been told to do and then walk anyway regardless of the light colour.

Ken 37.73 - That was a tipper truck fortunately off line on the approach to Barregarrow top when the race was put back to a Sunday.
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08-06-2015, 10:58 PM
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RE: Challenges Facing The TT
Well I wonder is it Malcolm's influence ?? but when ever I said anything against the future of the TT on another site I was shot down , if I mentioned Safety I was shot down and told , you are a marshal just get on with it ?
if I am allowed to make comment ,RTA's have always happened and we have good and bad years for it as I remember it

the difficulty in getting enough practicing in, is that just like racing these days, if the conditions are not perfect it is not safe to go at all a problem that the modern bikes now have because of the shear power and the fragility of the tyres used , begging the question are the top superbikes becoming too fast for the roads let's face it they are not designed for the roads, they are designed primarily to win at short circuits where they can be ridden to their limits in relative safety

as for the spectator element yes we have had the od incident over the years but sadly nothing like it is becoming by the look of this week ( I hear that the police are asking for any one that saw or has any information on yet another incident of some one walking on to the track in front of one of the lead riders on the second lap of the SS race this evening at Bray Hill ) , a victim of it' own success some one said !! well yes I suppose we have to accept that to be the case , what can we do about it ?? I dont know I fear it is too late ,

I used to think why on earth do they want to sell off the running and the rights to the TT off to some outside entity , well I now wonder is it because they fear that one day the brown stuff is going to hit the fan big time and they don't want to be held responsible and by selling it off they will have someone to take the blame ?? I wonder

well for me it was my last outing for the Orange army and sadly looks like being my last at the TT not I hasten to ad because of my worries , I have personal reasons , and the ability to do it in less than three and a half weeks at an affordable price puts the final nail in the coffin , I will be returning to the Island for the Southern 100 and spending some time as a visitor enjoying the Island that we love seeing our Manx friends that we have made over the years

08-06-2015, 11:59 PM
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RE: Challenges Facing The TT
Strange that during my first visit to t'tt the only person I saw flaunting or disrespecting the law was a guy of considerable age riding on the public roads with no lid on. Now I fully apreciate the joy of riding with no lid and I bet he used to do it all the time back in the good ol days when everybody rode like saints and didnt carry chains and cut throats, but he was the only case i actually witnessed,(on the island, not from my armchair because i havnt been since 1981 or whatever). As for people peesing in gardens and getting drunk, Honestly, did this never happen when there were bikes stretching for millions of miles tripple parked down the promanade?

Im not saying bad behavour is aceptable, im just saying.

My stag do was in norfolk btw and i cant afford a shiney new bike.
09-06-2015, 07:24 AM
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