Newcomers Race Tuesday 1st Sept
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Newcomers Race Tuesday 1st Sept
I listened to the commentary of the Newcomers Race, and was able to experience, almost, the nerves that must have been felt by the riders new to racing in the Island.  Chris Kinley's pre-race interviews seemed to strike the right note, not too flippant but not  doom laden, the scene was set perfectly by the team. and the commentaries were to their usual high standard, Dave Christian having grown into the job and losing the nervous flutter in his voice; John McGuinness did marvellously for his first attempt, bringing a little of his own experience to the job. He has a confidence that would let him take on anything, I guess. Still when you've recently won yet another Senior TT, this must have been a piece of cake.  Thanks John

I enjoy the sounds of Classic Racing, and won't go into my unease about the present "Classic TT" format, but the MGP racing  has a feeling that somehow " it matters" , I've always held the view that this is the best, as well as the biggest Club meeting in the world, and long may sponsors like IMGold be encouraged to back the MGP, thereby poking a sharp stick into the eyes of those who tried to kill it in such a peremptory  and underhanded fashion  a few short years ago.

One day my premium bonds will come up -when that happens,  I'll be there in person instead of in spirit.  Until then,

Good Racing and Good listening, everybody
01-09-2015, 07:51 PM
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RE: Newcomers Race Tuesday 1st Sept
Very well said about the bonds Icon_lol
But serious, you made a very good point, and I think Many of us are very glad this special event is still alive and kicking!
As for me the Classics are not main event, though i still prefer 2 stroke over 4 Bike2Bike2Bike2, I am more interested, in the newcomersclasses.
As a true TTfan i am more aware of how difficult it is to them, to run this event unexperienced. The Manx offers them plenty of playground before that step up, and i love this kind of view.
to me racing is all about talents to shine through, looking at the future of roadracing, and especcially the TT.
Classics are a different breed, they attract different kind of visitors, and its great fun for competitors,
but in the end mostly the high profile racers and top end prepared bikes runaway with the prizes.
No offences, but the way the Manx is run is a perfect way for up and coming racers for years to come.
The Classics bikes will remain the same for decades, lovely, briljant, but in the afternoon i see those upcoming talents mostly on very low budgets bikes, show their class!
This combination makes the whole event perfect!
01-09-2015, 10:15 PM
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