Wednesday Practice + Reports + Times
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Wednesday Practice + Reports + Times
[Image: ttmonsterlogobig.jpg]

Wednesday 1st June

18.20 – 19.50 - Superbike/ Superstock/ Supersport + Newcomers (All Classes except Lightweight)

19.55 – 20.50 - Sidecars

16:45 - Roads close Barrule Park, Ramsey to Bungalow
17:00 - Roads close Bungalow to Creg Ny Baa
18:00 - Remainder of TT Course CLOSED
TT Course will reopen no later than 21:30 (Mountain Road will reopen approx 1 hour after...Not later than 22:30)

Weather Projection

Issued on Wednesday, 01 June 2016 at 7:35am by Ronaldsway Met Office

Dry with sunny spells and a moderate to fresh northeast wind, temperatures reaching a high of 18°C.

Dry tonight with some clear spells and minimum temperature near to 9°C, with a moderate to fresh northeast wind.

 Sunset: 9:41pm Today

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[Image: ttlivelogo.jpg]
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RE: Wednesday Practice
[Image: ttmonsterlogobig.jpg]

[Image: practiceisgo.jpg]

[Image: bungalow-wednesday.jpg]

The Bungalow at 18:00 hrs

Sunset: 21:41 hrs Today

5 minute delay called at 18:19

A further 5 minute delay called at 18:24

And they are away @ 18:31

Davo Johnson stopped at Ballaugh making adjustments

Hutchy clocks a 190.6 at Sulby
Michael Dunlop clocks a 190.1
Bruce Anstey clocks a 189
John McGuinness clocks a 188

Jamie Coward stopped at Ballacraine - Making his own way back

Hutchy does a 129.811 on his out lap
Dean Harrison does a 129.673
Michael Dunlop does a 129.582
Michael Rutter does a 129.163
Bruce does a 128.8
John McGuinness does a 128.738
Lee Johnston improves to a 128.092

Hutchy clocks a 191.7 at Sulby on the 2nd lap

Hutchy clocks a 130.691 for the lap
John McG clocks a 130.497 for the lap
Conor does a 129.764 for the lap
M Dunlop clocks a 127.57 lap on the Stocker (standing start)
Gary Johnson clocks a 127.014 on his stocker (standing start)

Ian Lougher ups the Suter to a 119.864 lap

Hutchy clocks a 129.199 on the stocker from a standing start
Hutchy ups it to 130.74 on the Stocker

Michael Dunlop leaps to the top of the Superbike times with a 131.574 flying lap

Sidecars are out

John Holden fastest through Sulby at 144 (& again on lap 2)
Dan Knight clocked at 143.7

Moly stops at Sulby Brdge to make an adjustment - Confirmed Retired.

Holden/Winkle clock a 113.191 from a standing start
Ian Bell clocks a 112.113
Alan Founds clocks a 111.300

Tim Reeves clocks a 143.4 at Sulby on lap 2
Ben Birchall clocks a 142.8 on lap 2

Holden/Winkle clock a 113.955 on lap 2
Tim Reeves clocks a 113.735
The Birchalls clock a 113.514
The Bells clock a 112.24

Dan Knight retired at Quarterbridge

The chequered flag is out at 20:50 hrs.

That's it for tonight folks.
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RE: Wednesday Practice
Your a star Malcolm these updates are really appreciated thank you so much.

                       The UGP best road race in the world.
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RE: Wednesday Practice
[Image: ttmonsterlogobig.jpg]

Dunlop and Hutchinson turn up the wick in high speed qualifying session

After an 11-minute delay, the first of the week so far, Wednesday evening’s qualifying session for the 2016 Isle of Man TT Races, fuelled by Monster Energy, burst into life with spectacular lap times in the RST Superbike and RL360 Quantum Superstock classes.Despite strong winds reported on the Mountain section, Michael Dunlop threw down the gauntlet with the fastest lap of the week at an excellent 131.574mph, bettering Ian Hutchinson’s time set the previous evening. Although Dunlop dominated, Hutchinson was again above 130mph, setting his quickest lap of the night on his Superstock machine, 130.745mph.It was expected that with the conditions, speeds would be slightly down on the previous night’s action although it soon became apparent that that wasn’t the case with a series of 129mph+ laps from a standing start.Peter Hickman and Steve Mercer led the field away at 6.31pm with Michael Rutter and Dan Stewart, Ivan Lintin and Martin Jessopp, James Hillier and Bruce Anstey and Dean Harrison and Cameron Donald the next pairs away. John McGuinness was in the seventh pairing while Ian Hutchinson, who had made a number of experimental changes to the Tyco BMW, was in the tenth pair to leave the line.

Rutter was first back to the Grandstand with a lap of 129.163mph swiftly followed by Hickman and Mercer who were both in the 127mph bracket. However, Harrison briefly went quickest at 129.673mph before Hutchinson upstaged him with 129.811mph. Michael Dunlop was only slightly behind him though at 129.582mph with McGuinness and Lee Johnston both having lapped at more than 128mph.

Rutter continued to lead on the road although his second lap was slightly slower at 128.793 and Mercer improved to 128.672. Harrison also went marginally quicker with129.742 with Hillier also faster at 128.238. McGuinness did the first 130mph+ lap of the night though at 130.497 but Hutchinson was quicker still with a speed of 130.691mph.

Cummins strong qualifying continued with a lap of 129.764 but Dunlop’s second lap was down in the 127s as he’d switched to his Superstock mount. A number of riders reported how strong the winds were not over the Mountain but also in places like Kirk Michael.

As the session wore on, the riders swapped between their Superbike and Superstock machines with Hutchinson opening with 129.199mph on his Superstock machine before his 130mph+ lap.

However, Dunlop elected to go back onto his Superbike machine and set the first 131mph+ lap of the week with Hutchinson on his Superstock BMW topping the leaderboard from Rutter.

Meanwhile, the newcomer speeds were again improving, led by Jochem van den Hoek once more. The Dutchman lapped at 116.50mph, the fastest newcomer lap of the week but Alessandro Polita and Seamus Elliott were both above the 113mph mark with Forrest Dunn, Michael Booth and Josh Daley all above 111mph, with Daley’s time set on his Supersport machine.

[Image: mcpintwednesday.jpg]
John McGuinness set his first 130mph lap of the week in Wednesday's opening Superbike qualifying session

[Image: deanharrisonwednesday.jpg]
Dean Harrison set the pace on the first lap of Wednesday's qualifying session

[Image: hutchywednesday.jpg]
Ian Hutchinson smashed the existing superstock times with a stunning 130.754mph lap in the dying moments of Wednesday's qualifying session

[Image: mickydwednesday.jpg]
Michael Dunlop threw the form books wide open with the first 131+mph lap of TT 2016 - clocking 131.574mph on his Hawk Racing BMW

Practice Results

Superbike - All Laps - Fast Laps

Superstock - All Laps - Fast Laps

Supersport - All Laps - Fast Laps

Sidecars - All Laps - Fast Laps

pics by Dave Kneen
01-06-2016, 10:41 PM
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RE: Wednesday Practice + Reports + Times
[Image: ttmonsterlogobig.jpg]

Holden/Winkle again top the board in TT Races Sure Sidecar qualifying as Reeves/Farrance and Birchall/Birchall close the gap

The third Sidecar session of the 2016 Isle of Man TT races, fuelled by Monster Energy, got underway slightly later than scheduled at 7.57pm

Dave Molyneux/Daniel Sayle were first away and hoping to get their first proper flying lap in of the week, with Ben and Tom Birchall, John Holden/Andy Winkle and Ian Bell/Carl Bell the next to leave the line followed by Tim Reeves/Patrick Farrance, the latter none the worse for wear having clipped the bank on the approach to Laurel Bank last night.

However, both Reeves/Farrance and the Birchalls had relatively slow opening laps while Molyneux was reported as having stopped at Sulby Bridge where he and Sayle were making adjustments.

Holden/Winkle were back first with a lap of 113.191mph, slightly quicker than their lap on Tuesday night, and they were fastest from the Bells who were again showing well at 112.113mph. Alan Founds/Aki Aalto were the only other outfit to break the 110mph barrier, with a speed of 111.300mph although Conrad Harrison/Jason Crowe were edging ever closer at 109.002mph.

Pete Founds/Jevan Walmsley were again showing good form at 109.219mph but Reeves/Farrance completed their opening lap at 102.710mph, carrying on straight through for a second lap while the Birchalls opened with 99.263mph.

Newcomers Lewis Blackstock/Patrick Rosney were flying, upping their speed to an impressive 104.014mph but Reeves/Farrance had clearly used their first lap to ease themselves back in and second time around, they upped their pace considerably to 113.735mph.

However, it wasn’t quite enough to knock Holden/Winkle off the top spot though as their second lap was the quickest of the week at 113.955mph. The Birchalls also put themselves contention for Saturday’s opening Sure Sidecar Race and slotted into third on the leaderboard after a lap of 113.514mph, with just four and a half seconds covering the top three.

The Bells second lap was slightly quicker at 112.240mph whilst Founds/Walmsley posted their first ever 110mph plus lap, albeit unofficially, after lapping at 110.434mph. Wayne Lockey/Mark Sayers just missed out but 109.810mph was still their best of the week.

Aki Aalto, passenger to Alan Founds, was reported to have been hit by a piece of fairing debris but was reviewed by the Doctor at the scene and assessed not to have received any injuries

[Image: johnholdenwednesday.jpg]
John Holden and Andy Winkle continued their dominance of the Sure sidecar qualifying - but Reeves and the Birchalls closed the gap considerably

[Image: birchallswednesday.jpg]
The Birchall brothers lifted their lap time to 113.514mph on their second lap during Wednseday's session

[Image: timreeveswednesday.jpg]
Tim Reeves and Patrick Farrance took a big step forward in their 2016 TT campaign by clocking 113.735mph in Wednesday's session

pics by Dave Kneen
01-06-2016, 11:09 PM
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RE: Wednesday Practice + Reports + Times
Super, a ray of light in the grey gloom that has been bugging me down south for the last few days.
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RE: Wednesday Practice + Reports + Times
Malcolm, thanks for these postings and your excellent work on the site to date. I hopefully speak for other users too.

Bike packed... again probably too many socks...... leave Jockland early tomoz to make the Heysham tub x'ing at 1145hrs.

3 points Azman.

"Its turned out quite nice ....." Beer2
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RE: Wednesday Practice + Reports + Times
Bloody oath Malcolm , would be lost without your site over this side of the world!
Worst thing is getting up at 3 am to listen to radio before pootling off to work.very much appreciated mate!!!
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