Should we re-route the TT course?
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Should we re-route the TT course?
[Image: JessoponTTRoute.jpg]
Braddan Parish day at Strang Crossroads Braddan. Andrew Jessop, chairman of Braddan Parish Commissioners
with Chief Minister Howard Quayle

The leader of one of the island’s local authorities has suggested that the TT course could be re-routed to cut disruption to residents and businesses.

Andrew Jessopp, the chairman of Braddan Commissioners, was interviewed by local democracy reporter Ewan Gawne.

’I have been in discussions with the Department of Infrastructure with suggestions made to me that the route of the TT course should be changed,’ he said.

’That would require a certain amount of infrastructure work as well. But then that would enable the main road to continue in use which means there would be access to Snugborough housing and Snugborough trading estate.’

Mr Jessopp’s comments came as residents of the parish voiced frustration about the current access road.

[Image: TTRouteBraddan.jpg]

The single-track road runs from New Castletown Road near the Quarterbridge roundabout in Douglas to Braddan Road, near Braddan School.

It runs initially on the old Douglas to Peel railway line and is open for traffic while the TT course is shut.

Mr Jessopp said commuters were ’annoyed and frustrated’ with congestion along the TT access road.

’In the last couple of days I’ve had people say to me that they are going to be spending at least an hour stuck in traffic trying to get through the access road,’ he said.

’That’s an hour of their life they’ll never get back again.

’There is a high level of frustration and annoyance about it.’

The Department of Infrastructure has promised to replace the current route with a two-way carriageway by 2022.

Mr Jessopp said: ’I think that’s remarkably quick for the DoI.’

Braddan Commissioners have held talks with the department over the prospect of a new access road route and want a solution soon.

He added that new housing in the area was likely to place further stress on the route.

He would like to see a carriageway that could enable two vehicles - even lorries or buses - pass each other.

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