Caley's General Stores to close in March
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Caley's General Stores to close in March
[Image: CaleysStore.jpg]

Sulby to lose shop and post office

A beloved village shop and post office in the heart of the Sulby community is set to shut in March.

Caley's General Stores has been up for sale since 2018, but no buyers have come forward, and owners Graham and Carolyn Garrett will now close the shop to allow them to 'move on and seek new challenges'.

The shop will close for the final time on 28 March.

Mr Garrett has worked there for forty years, and was left the business by community stalwart Raymond Caley, who passed away in 2017
He says

"it's the end of an era, but the shop will leave a legacy, and that's due to' Mr Sulby', Raymond Caley. He and his family were the hub of this village."

These villagers said the shop, which has been serving locals along the Sulby Straight for more than half a century, will be sorely missed:

[Image: listenhere.jpg]

Mr Garrett explained to Local Democracy Reporter Ewan Gawne why the time had come to shut up shop:

[Image: listenhere.jpg]
22-01-2020, 09:21 PM
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RE: Caley's General Stores to close in March
How sad is that we use to go there on race days for sweets and ice cream and the occasional pie and pasties really nice people who owned it.
23-01-2020, 11:59 AM
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RE: Caley's General Stores to close in March
Yes, it's a shame, another iconic location lost.
Small shops are suffering all over, so i suppose it's a bit naive to think that it should stay just because we like to visit it for a couple of weeks a year.
We shall miss it, as we miss Mr. Caley himself.
23-01-2020, 02:27 PM
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RE: Caley's General Stores to close in March
Always got my stuff and gas from there when we used to camp on the Claddagh, nice old boy.

A great shame but inevitable as the big supermarkets become more commonplace on the island. Small shops cannot compete.

My dad was a successful and very busy small shopkeeper (grocers) on the mainland for several years until Tescos opened a few miles away. His trade dwindled until he gave up the fight and closed his doors. His raison d'etre was gone and so was he three months later.
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23-01-2020, 08:15 PM
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RE: Caley's General Stores to close in March
Well said Graham Garrett: use them or lose them.
Maybe not too surprising that it's having to close after Raymond Caley died, but very sad nonetheless.
24-01-2020, 10:07 AM
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RE: Caley's General Stores to close in March
Sad news indeed, we always called the shop Arkwrights. Lovely chap was Raymond.
26-01-2020, 11:39 PM
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