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Registration is now open to be part of the marshalling team for the 2022 Isle of Man TT Races and following a two-year hiatus, the TTMA are on target for a record number of marshals to complete their Incident Management Course ahead of this year’s Isle of Man TT Races.

Striving to make the Isle of Man TT Races safer for everyone, the event was subjected to a careful review as part of the delivery of a new Safety Management System (SMS), including marshalling. The Department for Enterprise has worked closely with the race organisers, ACU Events Ltd (ACUE) and the TTMA to make improvements that will have a positive impact on both the experience and the safety of all marshals, riders and spectators.

The review placed a strong emphasis on the delivery of training and the TTMA are delighted to confirm that ahead of this year’s TT, in comparison with 2019 there will have been a three-fold increase in the number of marshals to complete their Incident Management Course (IMC) ensuring that there is a record number of trained marshals on post during this year’s event.

In addition to the IMC courses run on the Island, the TTMA in collaboration with ACUE have three UK training centres located in Birkenhead, Rugby and Swindon that have significantly contributed to the uptake in numbers doing their IMC by providing more accessibility for those not based on the Isle of Man.

As well as increasing access for marshals the TTMA have made updates to the delivery and content of the IMC, this includes the introduction of new practical elements such as sidecar vehicle extraction as well as updating the medical aspects of the training. Working hard to ensure the same high standards are delivered across all training centres, the TTMA now have two training teams that can train up to 40 marshals a day and so far, have received positive feedback from those who have attended.

The TTMA have now created a marshal development structure to enable marshals to get the most out of their experience whilst in a safe environment to learn on the job, under this structure once a marshal has undergone three live training sessions on event in their chosen sector, they will then be eligible to complete their IMC.

As part of this structure, the TTMA will now implement two mandatory, easy to access, online training modules to all marshals before being allowed out on the course. The two modules take 20 minutes each to complete and will be available from the point of registration. The online training has been introduced to ensure all marshals have the base level of skills and understanding they need to act with confidence.

The training will also be available on-site in a designated TT marshals area within the TT paddock during this year’s event. The TTMA have reiterated that these modules are not intended to add barriers, but to support and encourage new marshals coming into the fold to be able to take their first post safely. Chief Sector Marshals and Deputy Sector Marshals will also be able to carry out their duties knowing the team within their sector has an understanding of procedures should there be an incident.

Ahead of the Isle of Man TT Races and supported by a major investment in marshalling by the Department, the TTMA are also making improvements to the facilities and infrastructure around the course that will better the experience and safety for all. This year new equipment boxes will be issued at posts around the course containing more a more comprehensive set of equipment to support the marshals carrying out their roles with training to be provided for the operation of items such as fire safety equipment.

For those who choose to marshal on the Mountain, this year there will be additional huts and toilets in place to provide comfort and shelter, as well as the provision of full mountain suits to ensure marshals can stay warm and dry whilst in post.

To assist marshals, in 2022, the Isle of Man TT Races will introduce an electronic flag system, the TTMA are actively promoting that this is not a replacement to the marshal’s vital flag duties, but a measure put in place to minimise and stop any preventable incidents and support the safe stopping of a race if required.

Going into 2022 the TTMA are passionate about prioritising the mental wellbeing of marshals, this means ensuring that provisions are in place for those that need or want support. As a result an ACU approved counsellor will be available to all marshals, not just during the event but all year round. The TTMA recognises that a marshal may not want to talk about the stress of an incident until they get home after the races, or even further down the line.

Looking to the future, the TTMA are also continuing to look for new ways that they can engage with and inspire the next generation of marshals to take on the orange tabard.

Jane Corlett, Company Director, TTMA Ltd:

“I am really proud of all the improvements that the TTMA has been able to make in the last two years and the number of marshals that will have completed their training. Although we’ve missed our marshalling community and the racing, I feel this hiatus has given us a window of opportunity to reflect, review and improve the way we work and the support we offer to our marshals.

Our focus has always been the safety of ourselves, the safety of the riders and the safety of the spectators and anyone else. From 2022 onwards, nobody will be able to sign on as a marshal without having completed two online training modules, this is the entry level standard we need for marshals to be effective and to be confident in their post.

It is hoped by myself and the directors of the TTMA that these updates will be recognised as necessary and that the new infrastructure will support the long term sustainability and development of all marshals.”

Gary Thompson, TT Clerk of the Course, ACUE:

"ACUE have been working closely alongside the directors at the TTMA to support the role out of increased training locations and availability of the Incident Management Course for marshals. To see such a significant uplift in the numbers of marshals coming forward for training is very encouraging.

The TTMA already have a strong team of Chief Sector Marshals and Deputy Sector Marshals and we are delighted that Dave Dentith has confirmed that he will take on the role as Chief Marshal for this year’s Isle of Man TT Races and Manx Grand Prix bringing a wealth of experience to the role.”

Registrations are now open and individuals that would like to marshal at the 2022 Isle of Man TT Races can sign-up at: www.iomttmarshals.com

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