New Training DVDs for Southern 100 Marshals
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New Training DVDs for Southern 100 Marshals
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New Training DVDs for Southern 100 Marshals

Southern 100 Marshals Association are pleased to announce that two new training DVDs are available to view via the Southern 100 Racing’s Official website, .

The DVDs especially commissioned and produced by Greenlight TV and lasting around six (6) minutes each provide valuable instructions for Flag Marshals and Radio Operators as well as providing an insight to other Course marshals the significance of the use of flags on the Billown Course and correct procedures in using the vital radios during practice and racing.

Chief Marshal, Peter Chadwick would also like to take this opportunity, to ask local marshals, who have not yet signed-on to do so as soon as possible please and to remind all would be marshals that the all important Signing-On procedure is only On-Line via the official website, .

Please check with your marshalling friends to make sure they have signed on and if not, remind them to do so as soon as they can.

The Southern 100 Marshals Association and Southern 100 Racing look forward to welcoming marshals, old and new to our three road races being held on the Colas Billown Course during 2022 – you are assured of a warm welcome at the ‘friendly races’.

31-03-2022, 02:23 PM
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