Any Injury Updates ?
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Any Injury Updates ?
Lee Johnston obviously out but any news on ,
Nathan Harrison
Michael Sweeney
Conor Cummins
22-05-2023, 01:13 PM
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RE: Any Injury Updates ?
Miko Sweeney has broken vertebrae, whether multiple or single I don't know. He also has a broken collarbone, dislocated knee and bruised lung, so I think it's safe to assume he's out. Conor has a damaged knee after hitting a kerb - don't know how bad though.
22-05-2023, 01:57 PM
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RE: Any Injury Updates ?
ive seen a podcast saying that Nathan is having opp on collerbone then plans hyperbaric chamber to attempt to ride
but id say thats very optimistic

proud to own and ride a british motorcycle  triumph daytona 675 Hehe
22-05-2023, 06:29 PM
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