Manx gp.... Well, how good was that then!
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Manx gp.... Well, how good was that then!
Well,,that's it for another year. We're still on the island but head home tomorrow. 

Had a great week, great racing, fun riding and not too bad weather.....

Got here Wednesday afternoon but practice was cancelled,,got off the boat and headed straight to the digs on a damp, gloopy evening.

Thursday saw us up at Glen duff for the afternoon and start finish grandstand for the evening in pleasant late summer sun.

Friday got cancelled by the weather, we were at morown. Once roads opened we were out and about, even got over the mountain later on

Saturday was a good day at morown, all day being fed and watered by the great people at the chapel.

Sunday was wet in the afternoon, had a good mooch around the pits and Douglas, turned out not a bad day later in the afternoon.

Monday was a long one,,all day at barregarrow crossroads, the long wait is soon forgotten once the racing kicks off, we've all had long days in the hedgerows, it's part of the game.

Today, been on the bike all day, up and down the island, having cake and coffee pit stops and slipped an ice cream in on Douglas front.

Easy morning tomorrow, brekkie, shower, pack, load up and potter into Douglas to idle the afternoon away until the boat.

Hope you've all enjoyed the manx and I'll see you on the island in 2024

See you on the island
29-08-2023, 08:35 PM
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