FIM awards 2023 Liverpool
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FIM awards 2023 Liverpool
Went to the FIM Awards "autograph" session yesterday at Liverpool. Run like a precision watch! Anyone that's been to a theme park will be familiar with the winding queue system, but in this case, every 10 feet or so was a World champion sat at a small table with a pen & a drink of water! The organizers gave every one a large A4 pad with each page devoted to a champion & they were sat in this order as we went along the queue! So you didn't have to worry about not recognizing anyone!
The Sidecar champions seem to be really looking forward to their TT debut next year.
The only downside were the empty seats where the World Supersport, Moto GP & WSB champions should have been!
Unbelievable really, but also disappointing, specially for the family next to us that had travelled from Southampton to see just those champions!
At least we'd only gone 60 odd miles!
03-12-2023, 11:30 AM
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RE: FIM awards 2023 Liverpool
thats why road racing will always be top captin
ive just been speaking to a ex road racer in supermarket this morning
no ego with road racers just out doing his shopping same as me

proud to own and ride a british motorcycle  triumph daytona 675 Hehe
03-12-2023, 12:55 PM
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