Dave Saville

Dave Saville
Yesterday was the anniversary of Dave's accident at the MGP, when he sustained such terrible injuries. Sadly we lost Dave this spring, after so many years of showing us what it is that makes a person great.
Although the weather was foul, and everyone was frozen, the ceremony to dedicate his memorial was moving and well attended. The memorial comprises a granite seat in the grounds of the Mitre, in Kirkmichael...a favourite haunt of Dave's. I years to come many people will be able to sit there watching the racing, or simply enjoying a drink, and remembering Dave.
All his life Dave was an inspiration to others, both in his racing and in how he dealt with his disability, and this will continue as the long term memorial to him is to be a "Sidecar Racing Academy". Work on this new foundation is continuing, and as soon as there is more news we will let you know.
It was good to see Don and Phyllis, his Mum and Dad, Kirsty and Tom, his children, and, of course, June. So many happy memories were discussed and I am sure Dave was there in spirit, wishing he could join in, with a brandy in his hand!
31-08-2006, 10:24 AM

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