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TT Madness....
Well i thought id add my voice to this one . The ACU sold the rights to the TT Races to the DTL........and all of a sudden Oh S**T what have we done
now their back under another name trying to recoupe their losses, over the 3 years the MMCC ran the TT with good success and where just looking to ratify a few things with the DTL and get a new contract with them. Hi its the ACU here we will take it over again. So money that was been spent on the Island twords the running of the TT Races and creating employment for a few locals will now be going off Island to line the pockets of the ACU Events ltd Directors, their are more than enough qualified officials on the Island to put a local team in place to run the event.

As for Neil Hanson resigning well it a sad day i had my fair share of run in,s with Neil but i found him to be very fair and a gentleman. All the best to you in the future in what ever you decide to do.

As for Jeff Kirby i can understand where he,s coming from i think if what they are saying is utter madness. I agree with NJ on this one.
As for me ive raced in my last TT solo wise might come back in the sidecar class as a driver or passenger in the future. But im really looking forward to the MGP in 2008 classic wise... enjoyed it so much decided to have another go on a classic , all the best one and all for the 2008 season.
18-01-2008, 09:35 PM
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Reading this thread is it APRIL 1ST Lol Lol Lol
18-01-2008, 10:48 PM
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