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Shaun Harris
I think it is now the time to let you all know I have been 'appointed' Shauns UK/Area manager and to this end, will be trying to secure some much needed assistance for him.

This sport unfortunately always requires someone, somewhere to dip into their own 'hard earned' in order to make another riders dreams come true (along with great personal sacrifice of the rider themselves).... the double edged sword which materialises with this is that the rider gets to live his/her dream and we, the helper, get to be part of it. Its a simple equation and one which dates back to the origins of this sport. Riders from all over have their own personal sponsors/fans/helpers etc....Shaun Harris happens to be my choice for the following reasons..

The reason I am in Shaun Harris's corner is simple...he is a proven winner... he is one of the most endearing human beings out there...he is as honest as the day is long (not always correct, but BIG enough to admit it when he's not)... he is a fighter (no argument - how many of you have followed his amazing recovery?)... and finally, not just because he almost gave his life to the TT last year, but the totally inhuman recovery he has made, coupled with the fact that he has NEVER once bitched about the TT or its infrastructure on the back of his accident shows to me that he has earned his place in next years event! That is the simple answer to my committment to him and his cause. I also consider him a good friend, as he also does with all of his fans. These are my reasons...if you don't share these with me, no problem.... I don't have any issue with anyone who sees the other side of this coin.

I would ask that if any of you share this passion of mine (and Shauns) can you contact me directly at with any suggestions and offers of assistance please. It shouldn't take an arm and a leg to give this crazy, demented, focussed, hard working, extremely talented, outspoken and totally genuine New Zealander a helping hand if we all pull together in small amounts.

Anyway, I'll close now and carry on with formulating a plan which will include this type of WILL happen....the choice to be part of it will be yours.


15-10-2008, 10:55 AM
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RE: Shaun Harris
there is a chat room on if any one on here wants to ask or tell me something, just check the chat room forum for dates and time, would love to catch up with a few of this site.
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29-10-2008, 10:09 PM
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