Qualifying times
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RE: Qualifying times
(12-06-2011, 07:47 PM)David Taylor Wrote: Hi David,

I wouldn't quibble with your assessment of what a Post Classic machine can be picked up for (- I managed to lay my hands on a Yamaha FZ750 for a few hundred pounds) but I've been absolutely horrified by what it actually costs to get them into race trim.

Modern bikes are an absolute bargain in comparison. They're already designed with one eye on production racing and no manufacturer wants to be seen to be uncompetitive. Simply throwing an exhaust system, a Power Commander and a suspension makeover at a 600 will allow you to compete.

The cost of a ready made decent classic or post classic machine is eye-watering. XR69s cost somewhere around fifteen grand and that's way beyond what the average MGP competitor can afford. Most of the guys on the grid have sacrificed an awful lot just to get there in the first place so anything that drives costs further up can only be a deterrent.

The GS1000 I raced last year had to be effectively re-engineered in order to make it safe and reliable enough to survive the Mountain Course. Bracing the frame, completely replacing the suspension and redesigning the camchain tensioning system were just 3 of the many tasks that absolutely had to be done. By the time I'd finished putting it together, my wallet looked like it had been on a starvation diet!

I suspect that having your father's undoubted engineering skills to call on may have shielded you from some of the costs that the rest of us have to countenance... ;-)


David Taylor

I didn't say that it was cheap, but then I don't believe any racing is. I just believe that runnng and maintaining a gsxr or FZ etc is cheaper than campaigning a 350 or 500 single. You could get a GSXR to finish and go at a respectable pace fairly easily, largely because the parts are readily available and they are more reliable, the same as the K4's (although these are becoming less so).

If you want to be up the sharp end then yeah, you've generally got to splash the cash, but again that's the same in any form of motorsport. We couldn't afford an XR69 in a month of sundays, but the FZ is (was) more than capable of duffing one up. The only way to shake the cost factor out of motor-racing is to have one make series, but wouldn't that be boring?

So, has anyone entered?

12-06-2011, 08:42 PM
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RE: Qualifying times
Have Michael Dunlop and/or Guy Martin been entered on the XR69s this year? as ive said in a previous thread, i loved watching MD on the Suzuki last year and its bringing a whole new generation of MGP followers!
12-06-2011, 08:55 PM
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RE: Qualifying times
I heard a rumor that most of the classes are full.. I hope so..!!! What 9 weeks to go...!!

See you there..!!!
13-06-2011, 05:03 AM
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